How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Forever

One of the worst days of my life was the day that I was told that I was suffering from anxiety panic attacks.  I could not believe it.  To be honest with you I use to think that people that had anxiety panic attacks were just people seeking attention.  I did not know anything about anxiety symptoms.  I did not realize what these poor people would go through until I had my first anxiety panic attack.

After I had my first attack I tried to find out how to stop anxiety attacks.  That is when I discovered that there were millions of people just like me that had anxiety disorders or anxiety panic attacks.  I would read message boards to see how others were treating their anxiety disorders.  I read lots of books about anxiety panic attacks and the symptoms.  I found some of the information helpful but a lot of it I found just confused me or it meant I had to spend a lot of money.

I hate the way my anxiety panic attacks make me feel.  I hate the feeling of being helpless and so dependant on my husband for emotional and even physical support when we have to go out.  I feel like I am half a person.  To me having anxiety panic attacks is like being trapped in a world that I have had created for me that leaves me feeling alone and vulnerable.  One of the worst things of all of this for me is trying to figure out how to stop anxiety.  It is like trying to answer the question of why is the sky blue.  Hopelessness is stress and depression sets in.

I decided I wasn’t going to sit back any longer and let this anxiety disorder take over my whole life.  There had to be something out there that could help me.  I set out to find it.  There has been a lot of reading involved and a lot of trying this and that.  But today I can finally say good bye to my anxiety panic attacks and hello life.  It truly is an awesome feeling to not only be free of the anxiety panic but to sit back and realize that all of my hard work and research actually accomplished something.  I hope all of the rest of you will try what I did, I know you won’t regret it.…